Royal Blood is a real life action movie portraying the talents and personality of an elite team of men. Bodyboard King is the table at which they sit; stories, battles and triumphs earn the conversation. A tale with experience and youthfulness, filmed by Tyge Landa and starring Ben Player, Jake Stone, Ryan Hardy, Jones Russell and Jase Finlay.

Will Royal Blood be spilt? The battle for king silently ensues; an action story that documents high performance bodyboarding and a brand backing their men. 

Starring: Ben Player, Jake Stone, Jase Finlay, Ryan Hardy, Jones Russell & Toby Player. Editor & Filmer: Tyge Landa. Executive Producer: Bodyboard King. Producers: Tyge Landa & Toby Player. Additional footage: Chris Bryan & James Strickland. Artwork & Titles: Bones Films. Presented by: Bodyboard King