Words by Antonio Cardoso.

NEW AGE is a long desired film.

From the trips I have taken along my journey, I have had the privilege of gathering images that tell of unforgettable moments, the friendships I have made for life and the luck I have in depriving and learning from the sports elite.

My victory on the world stage at the 2017 Nazaré Event was the culmination of this effort. This film is a testimony to the path I took to get there, and a cycle that closes.

NEW AGE is about sport, a generation and a new beginning.

A film by: Semiotica Visual Productions

Starring: Antonio Cardoso

Also featuring: Luis Pereira, Steph Kokorelis, Pierre Louis Costes, Amaury Lavernhe, Jared Houston, Francisco Horta, Ricardo Faustino, Lewy Finnegan + many more.