From Bodyboarders Video Magazine 6th Edition:

"The two most mental miles of Mutant Slabs and Monster Barrels in bodyboarding. From the carnivorous cylinders of Gas Chambers, to the warping madness of Waimea Shorbreak, like thirteen North Shore spots that can be a surfer's worst "nightmare on Ke Waena Street. 

Big Waimea, Pipeline, Off The Wall; plus grinding Log Cabins and horrific Rockpiles. Run Screaming as gargantuan Insanities is not only ridden, but attacked!

Featuring world champion Mike Stewart and Lanson Ronquillio, Kainoa McGee, Ben Severson, Hauoli Reeves,Seamus Mercado, Kalani Kahalioumi, Sean Poulson, Guilherme Tamega, Alex De Pontes, Marcelo Pedro, Michael "Eppo" Epplestun, Steve "Macca McKenzie, Tim Jones, Ross Hawke, Nelz Vellocido, Paul Roach, and of course Jack "The Ripper. Introducing Hawaii's new Hellmen Chris Won, Cavin Yap, Rob Gall, Jon Kelly-Hanoa, Lloyd Gaddis, Stan Moniz, Mario Amezcua, The Flying A.J. Arecchi and Psycho Fred Booth. 

Includes visiting days at the asylum, a lunatic excursion, Dog Boys, Mentals, Skitzos, Mansons, Buku Kookoo's and head cases go places w/ straight jacket fashion statement...

The More Maniacs the Better... Rollins Wood, Buckwheat, Chris Granone, Koo Ebert, Matt Allen, Casey Levin, Alex Kinimaka, Aka Lyman, Jason Lau, Ivan "The Terrible" Okuda, Keth Sasaki, Jackie Budar, Brian Wise, Brian Press, Pat Caldwell, Kai Santos, Tharin "Tearin" Rosa, Jay Reale, J.P.Patterson, Danny Kim and 12-year-old Pat Nowicke. 

In-your-face Soundtrack by David Boyle and Dan Rothchild. Photos by Brian Bielmann (H2O Photo by Tom Boyle). Cover design by Izumi Design. Co-Produced by Joie Seay. Produced and Directed by Tom Boyle/Eye Spy Productions. All Rights Reserved.