TENDER ADMISSION + Book + Movie (Includes Popcorn & Drink)

TENDER ADMISSION + Book + Movie (Includes Popcorn & Drink)


A general admission ticket grants you entry into the cinema along with a complimentary popcorn and drink to enjoy whilst watching the film. You will also receive a personally signed copy of TENDER the book which includes a bonus copy of the movie too.

When: 6pm - 9pm. Friday, August 30

Where: Greater Union, Shellharbour

Who: Pierre Louis Costes, Tanner McDaniel, Nick Gornall, Mike Stewart, Ben Player, Jeff Hubbard, Dave Winchester and many more…

Come and celebrate Bodyboarding with the world's best riders and watch the WORLD PREMIERE of Pierre Louis Costes new movie TENDER.

"A story told through ten transformative moments of my life. Ten waves and locations that made me the bodyboarder and person I am today." - Pierre Louis Costes

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