Where The Groms At?


"Gang gang" my fellow spongers, "gang gang" indeed. Ive been hearing that term a lot lately and when I finally took the time to research what this term actually means I found the following, bare with me: 

1. "A term when you and your gang chillin" (no full stop needed on that huh?)

      (Reference - Urban Dictionary)

....then it came to me. We are chillers, we hang in gangs and we love slanging our junk into moist gaping holes, large and small, in the form of cylindrical goodness hundreds of miles away from dat L.A ghetto son. Moving onto the second meaning:

2. " A word used to confirm feelings or plans between two people or a group of people."

      (Reference - Urban Dictionary) 

I find this also has relevant to our humble but modestly progressive sport of bodyboarding. A whisper of "staleness" and "unfulfillment" has been wafting through the ranks, as industry leaders smell the makings of a hearty home cooked meal going cold as that golden age sets on the boog talent pool, once spilling over with numerous standouts. One is left wondering, from an Australian standpoint, who on earth is going to take up the mantle?


Introducing, Liam Lucas.  

MM: It's been quite a year of high achievements for you "Noodles", winning the West Oz, South Oz, Northern Beaches & D-Bah ABA Pro Junior events coupled with a trip over to Portugal to boog in the APB Viana Pro. Care to elaborate on your winning ways? 

LL: .Yeah I was stoked on taking out the ABA Pro junior tour again this year and couldn't be happier about my results winning four out of the five events. Before my heats I suss out the conditions so I can look where to sit and position myself and use a tip Mike Stewart taught me by timing how frequent the sets come in so you can play out your heat before its even started. I've had quite a few injuries over 2018 going through problems with my neck, back and shoulder, so its always been a scare when each event is on and what condition i'm in to surf. Luckily with my trip over to Portugal I felt like I was in good shape and really keen to take on the Viana contest deciding the Pro Junior World Title. It was a really great event to be apart of meeting all sorts of people from all around the world that I never knew existed. The competition had more competitors in the juniors than the mens which was a great thing to see considering usually its the other way around. I ended up coming 5th in the contest loosing to overall winner Armide Soliveres which burnt me a bit haha. Overall this years competitive season has been my best so far and hopefully next year is shaping up nicely. Looking to give the world tour a few more cracks in the coming year.

MM: Surely your diet must be impeccable after posting all those impressive victories on the ABA Pro Junior tour this year, what are you currently chowing down on? 

LL: My diet actually isn't very special, its more of a food balance where everything is in moderation. Its probably a healthy diet for an 18 year old but still needs a bit of work with having less unhealthy snacks like chips, chocolate and soft drinks. Next year i'm planning to clean my act up a bit so I can get out of bad habits. I went on a team science trip with Mike around Forster last year and got the chance to do yoga most mornings and try new healthy foods like kale haha. I was surprised how much the healthy lifestyle impacted on my surfing and just my well being, still to this day I haven't felt as healthy as when I was on that trip.

_DSC8696 copy (1).jpg

MM: In your humble opinion would you care to share your thoughts on the differences between our sun drenched females here in Aus compared to the simmering senoritas of Europe? 

LL: Yeah well i'd have to say i'm more fond of the chicks over here in Australia but I guess I wasn't really on the hunt over there because I had a girlfriend at the time. But having a few glances around every now and then I did notice a few hotties at Nazare staring down at my noodles haha. Definitely easier to gets girls attention overseas with an Aussie accent and a fat blonde curly mop haha.

MM: You proudly hail from the Eastern suburbs of old Sydney town, what do you cherish most about your home and what do you get up to in your spare time out of the water? 

LL: Yeah I live in Clovelly, sort of in middle of everything around here which isn't too bad. I cherish my local wave, "the bombie", because its one of two waves which actually gives me the encouragement to go in the water because the waves around here are not the best for bodyboarding. Eastern suburbs are also known for having the best looking chicks which I'm not complaining about haha. In my spare time I mostly just hang out with mates and you might catch me at some clubs on a cheeky night out. I'm also very interested in film, before finishing school last month I had previously been working on film for visual arts and got really into editing and filming various things around the east coast during my wave hunting. I am planning to study film next year at uni and really looking forward to pursuing that passion. 

MM: You've had the "Godfather" of Bodyboarding supporting you for almost three years now, supplying you with the materials to hone your craft, in the form of Science and Gyroll. Whats the most inspiring aspect of Mikes guidance and what have you learnt from the journey so far? 

LL: Having Science, Gyroll and Viper as sponsors is great! Getting products is what most brands provide but with Science you get to be apart of a little community. Mike and Johnny Cruikshank offer you guidance and tips which has helped my surfing a lot throughout my career, but also they are interested with your life and what you want to pursue outside of the sport. Over these three years they have really supported me in all facets of life. The most inspiring aspect of Mike's guidance for me is his tips for overcoming my injuries providing me with specific stretches and exercises. I have learnt to always stay positive and to not focus too hard on bodyboarding but to have a backup to help finance my passion for the sport.  

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 2.23.23 pm.png

MM: As a younger rider breaking through are you startled to see the lack of talent and enthusiasm amongst your generation towards the sport of Bodyboarding? Why do you think this trend has eventuated and what can we do as a collective to bring young blood back into the sport? 

LL: I feel like in Australia that is the case but seeing all the bodyboarders in Portugal from all around the world it looks like the younger generation is thriving especially the Canary Island riders. I feel like in Australia the younger generation is seen as "shit" copping all sorts of criticism off the some of the older generation but it definitely doesn't help younger riders such as myself that want to get better and improve. But in my case it pushed me to want to show them wrong, sort of gave me a drive to keep pushing myself. I feel like to bring young blood back into the sport we need some bodyboard schools for the young ones to get them started early because most people don't even know it is a sport. 

MM: Whats the next wave you want to slide that blonde mop through? Any thoughts on a possible wave pool mission? 

LL: At the moment i'm planning to do a trip to the Cook Islands in either December or January so super keen to hopefully score socials good. I'm also in the process of planning a South Oz trip for next year around may, hopefully it will get sorted as the waves look insane down there. I don't think ill be doing any wave pool missions. It looks cool but i'm more interested in surfing in the ocean right now, but if i get invited to surf a wave pool I definitely won't say no though haha. 

MM: Last but not least, what would you rather do? 
A. Get thrown into a inflated jumping castle all lubed up for an oil wrestling show down with Tommy Lee Jones (remembering his badass ways in M.I.B) or...
B. Cop a life ban from your precious local haunt, that infamous bombora brother? 

LL: Hahaha thats an easy choice I would 100% take "A", theres no way in hell I'm leaving bombie haha. Tommy Lee Jones hasn't seen what noodles has got in store for him. 

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