Jeff Hubb Absolutely Ripping At Pipe

Video courtesy of Andy Potts

Jeff Hubbard and Pipeline go together like cookies and cream. With well over 20 years experience at the magestical wave, you can clearly see that he knows the place inside and out. With the upcoming ‘Mike Stewart Pipe Invitiational’ just over a week away, Hubby sure looks like he’s primed and ready to throw the rash-vest on once again!

Here is what film maker and the mastermind behind the clip had to say about the man of the hour:

“Jeff was out at Pipeline nearly everyday this season, scoring perfect waves and riding like a young grom who just discovered his new love for bodyboarding, not the case.. Hubb is 43 years old (wtf?, sorry Jeff) and boosts bigger and harder than anyone, his wave selection is comical, always in position and able to manifest up something from anything the ocean offers him.”

We could not agree more. Put the feet up and enjoy.

Josh Tabone1 Comment