3 AMIGOS IS LIVE: Click Through Now For Your Viewing Pleasure

The wait is finally over – the most anticipated bodyboarding film of the last half-decade, 3 AMIGOS, is available to stream exclusively right here.

The film Mike Stewart has called “by far the best bodyboarding movie I have seen in years and easily one of the best ever made,” 3 AMIGOS has been touring the globe on the premiere circuit – and, so far, only those lucky souls who attended a screening have gazed upon the prestigious flick. Until now.

Filmed by Tom Jennings and James Strickland and starring Lewy Finnegan, George Humphreys and Davis Blackwell, 3 AMIGOS is a cinematic attempt at showcasing the sport of bodyboarding as it should be in a way that both bodyboarders and surfers can appreciate. The flick also features some of the biggest names hailing from both West Oz and beyond, including Ryan Hardy, Damien Martin, Chase O’Leary and Ben Veitch.

Following the dynamic trio at close range, the film traverses on a journey across Western Australia, Hawaii and the Canary Islands and filmed on both high-end digital cinematic technology and traditional 16mm – an epic adventure that took three years to pull together. It was a no-brainer, according to Jennings: “I grew up watching and appreciating surf films largely shot on 16mm and that stuff takes time,” he said in a recent interview (which you can read in full right here). “The film is about three main riders; there is no way you could fit everything you want into a shortened form and still do it justice.”

Other seasoned riders have also already claimed its praise, including Pierre-Louis Costes who said, “I admire what those three men do in the ocean. I still remember them as groms when I came to compete at the Box Pro way back in 2012. They were just frothing on bodyboarding and they haven't lost their love for the boog since. A spectacular movie.”

Need we say more? Do yourself a favour and watch the movie now.