We Asked PLC, Winny, Stewart And More To Review The Newly-Released Blockbuster, 3 AMIGOS

It’s been a less than a week since 3 AMIGOS was released to the world, and in that time its been seen by eyeballs around the world. Sure, we’ve been banging on pretty hard about it, but for good reason – it’s one of the most original and explosive bodyboarding flicks to hit the scene for the past decade. Don’t believe us? Behold the praise of seven of some of the most influential riders in the game. In case you needed more reason to pull the trigger and watch the damn movie, this is it.

Photo:  Brian Bielman

Mike Stewart
"By far the best bodyboarding movie I have seen in years and easily one of the best ever made."

Photo:  Josh Tabone

Mitch Rawlins
"Amazing footage. Personally, I have to take my hat off to the filmers, Tom [Jennings] and [James] Strickland. Most bodyboarding filmmakers don't get the credit they deserve and the hard work gets overshadowed by the athletes. I've been doing films for 15 years and and have so much gratitude every time someone is filming bodyboarding from the beach or water."

Photo:  Josh Tabone

Pierre-Louis Costes
"Loved the movie. I admire what those three men do in the ocean. I still remember them as groms when I came to compete at the Box Pro way back in 2012. They were just frothing on bodyboarding and they haven't lost their love for the boog since. A spectacular movie, that’s for sure. So many amazing incredible shots, especially in the water.”

Photo:  Rod Owen

Photo: Rod Owen

Dave Winchester
"The Boys who are now men were going nuts. High octane movie, I love that shit. One of the best I’ve seen in years. Its crazy because there are so many mental airs at the wedge you get desensitised, You almost need to see some average airs so they all stand out again. Lewy at the Right for me was a big stand out, He was toying with it, trying to do Yoga on the shocky, making a few and getting flogged. It was messed up."

Photo:  Josh Tabone

Jared Houston
"3 AMIGOS is an insane movie. I think people are going to trip balls when they see it, I know I was."

Photo:  Josh Tabone

Tanner McDaniel
"Overall the whole thing blew me away. Every section and each wave continued to get me more and more excited. It’s certainly up there with the best bodyboarding movies I’ve ever seen. I can’t think of many movies that could rival the level of surfing and overall production value that 3A has produced. It’s going to be very difficult for anyone to top this."

Photo:  Burg Thurston

Ben Player
"After watching it I was so stoked to be a bodyboarder. We are a small but diverse community, and we don’t have the budgets of surfing or other sports, so to see an incredible movie like 3 AMIGOS - which was made with nothing more than blood sweat and tears - made me super proud. I think the movie sets a new bench mark for what bodyboarders can do.”