What So Not Surfs 'Shipsterns' with Charles and Cohen.

Aussie music superstar, What So Not scores in the above big wave, mini-doco, featuring unreleased material by himself, Thijs (Noisia), Daniel Johns & Ay Ay

On his trip home from closing out Splendour In The Grass, Emoh organized a strike mission out to one of Australia’s premier big wave haunts “Shipsterns Bluff’ - just a couple days ahead of his sold out Hobart show. With two of the finest locals on hand, Charles Ward and Cohen Thomas, they were greeted with a rather chunky swell. Here’s what he had to say about the session:

“Despite it being on the smaller side for Shippys, it was definitely the heaviest surf I’ve ever been in... but I found myself in this trance like state, totally calm, no adrenaline, no increased heart rate - I just asked the boys if it was a ‘smart’ one to go & took off without hesitation.

Nothing makes quicker friends than big waves & benders.
— What So Not

We were actually wishing for the bigger ones as they are ‘safer’ & allow you to get to the bottom before the steps kick in & launch you like happened to Cohen. The swell direction, side chop & clamping was tricky to navigate for a first timer who hadn’t done his homework. That first wave of mine was about 3mins after jumping off the boat haha.

I can’t thank the boys enough for pulling the mission together & their invaluable local knowledge. I jokingly put a post up on IG saying I was in Hobart for a show asking if anyone could take me out shippys. Within 12hrs I was chatting to Charles & everything was in place for the next morning.

I would have gone some incredible looking but absolutely stupid waves if it wasn’t for their advice. We came away with a great quote. “Nothing makes quicker friends than big waves & benders” & we got the lot! Even doing a backyard set after party at Charles’ joint, before rushing to a 6am flight the next morning”