Lewy Finnegan shows us his ‘JUNK’

Apologies for what looks like a click-bait title and sorry to disappoint if you only clicked because you assumed you would see Lewy’s nether regions… but we promise this will be worth your time.

We weren’t lying however… Lewy has shared his Junk for the world to see. What Lewy calls ‘Junk’ is some incredible footage that hit the cutting room floor during the making of ‘3 AMIGOS’. It turns out that over the 3 years of filming for the project there were many waves that weren’t deemed worthy of the final product.

If you haven’t seen 3 AMIGOS, the fact that this is leftover ‘Junk’ (and only part 1 for that matter) is quite the blatant indicator of just how good that film is.

Lewy gave us 3 valid and compelling reasons for showing everyone his JUNK.

1)      He is not one to let anything go to waste. After the long and tiresome process of getting 3 AMIGOS out there Tom Jennings and James Strickland had done their dash and paid their dues. With the editors out of the picture Lewy had to take things into his own hands. So, instead of letting the neglected footage collect dust on a forgotten hard drive he opened up his laptop, channeled his inner ‘Jenno’ and put together his own ‘Junk’ into a little web series for all to enjoy.

I knew that if I didn’t create something myself then the footage would have been wasted so here we are, talking about JUNK
— Lewy Finnegan

2)     He is actually quite a talented editor and doesn’t mind putting in the hard yards behind the screen. Partnering his riding with Triple One’s banger ‘Showoff’ like a ballerinas dancing blends with Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker Suite’, Lewy certainly knows what he is doing.

I find it to be both a meditative and creative process and seeing clips slowly morphing into an actual edit gets me super amped... I actually banged this edit together in about 3 hours one day last week. It was a fun 3 hours!
— Lewy Finnegan

 3)      He wants you to watch 3 AMIGOS, and this is his sales pitch. He knows not everyone is willing to fork out cash to watch a bodyboard film, but reckons giving the people a bit of a taste of what they’re missing might get them over the line.

 “In this day and age of instant gratification via daily shots and vids being posted by all the top bodyboarders on Instagram and Facebook there’s really no need for the groms to pay to watch anything, they have so much free content flowing into their feed every day.”

But maybe, just maybe, some people who watch JUNK will realise that if this is the leftover footage then maybe 3 AMIGOS is a movie worth paying for.
— Lewy Finnegan

With that being said, sit back and watch one of the West’s best tear the bag and stay tuned for part 2 of Lewy Finnegans self-edited series JUNK. Or Watch 3 AMIGOS here.

Caolan FlanneryComment