Catching Up With The Man Who Created VIDEO.

Take it back to 2006 for a minute…

Todd Barnes had just spawned to the world his fixating masterpiece - VIDEO. Unlike any other bodyboarding film before it, VIDEO had the purity of pretty much just south coast footage. Something that left the greater bodyboarding community in pure amazement as word got around that Toddy’s dropped a banger. Every viewer was greeted with heaving slabs and toight technical airs that had their eyes rolling into the back of their skulls. Pretty much there and then VIDEO was herald as something all men worth their salt in the boog game would aspire to emulate. 

Fast forward to 2019.

Thirteen years on, and the gold stars keep racking up next to Barnesy’s name. Continuing his strong relationship with the smoothest talent in the game, Todd has fired off successful projects such as, THRASH’D, FAR NORTH and KILLER DAYS just to name a few. Working closely with good friend Dave Fox for a number of years, the pair created arguably the trendiest threads in bodyboarding’s colourful yet short history, placing Todd at the centre of industry excellence.  Movement thought it was about time to catch up with the resident “Mad Scientist” to hear what’s got his head ticking and those creative thoughts simmering. 

Do read on below.

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MM. Hey Todd Barnes, what do you class as quality bodyboarding in today’s modern era?

Anything with speed, style & power in critical parts of the wave. Dynamic sliding that looks effortless. That or pulling into straight closeouts with a few mates.

What routines or settings do you replicate when sitting down to edit your movies? I've heard some people refer to you as "the mad scientist" - is this pretty on the money when describing your mannerisms during an editing binge?

1. Ergonomics _____ a) Always keep monitor at eye level

2. Create mantra for success

3. Don’t listen to internal monologues

99. Export Movies

How big is this f#@king ramp!!!  Frame:  VIDEO

How big is this f#@king ramp!!! Frame: VIDEO

Are your edits a true representation of your present mind at the time or do you feel the environment around you during those moments dictates how you cut a bodyboarding section?

Best shots always rise to the top. Remember anything off the back, DELETE. Go eeeaasy on the slow mo. It looks cool but can get weird. Fast lines. Fast moves. Good tunes.

Best shots always rise to the top. Remember anything off the back, DELETE.
— Todd Barnes
Dave Winchester goes sky-fucking-high in a frame from VIDEO.

Dave Winchester goes sky-fucking-high in a frame from VIDEO.

What does it feel like to be regarded as the industry benchmark over the last decade for bodyboarding films?

Who said that? I don’t anything about benchmarks. I do know I’ve have seen the level of bodyboarding soar with the advent of VIDEO cameras and flicks like No Friends, Tension, HardLyfe and the Waldrons productions. I think boog films have a looonng way to go when its comes to peak BOOGCORE status. Like full speed, mutant slab, headfirst, full rotation, style for days, into the flats and so forth. Its fucking hard to do and can’t be maintained like you grubs want it… upload, whinge, scroll, when, free, fuck off! But when it’s mastered in the right conditions and captured on VIDEO it’s a fucking stellar thing to watch.

A self-portrait.

A self-portrait.

Why is your well-fitting clothing apparel brand “I am none” now referred to as “I am done”? Has it truly produced its last acid wash tee?

Well fitted… yeah I guess… think that was because the dye worker was always shrinking our shit. Hard game to get right the rag trade, hell fun though. I told big Dav “I AM DONE” in 2011. Got sick of chasing invoices. You’ll have to ask Fox about NONE2020…. last I heard he was getting offers from VANS x FORMER.

Are there any new waves and fresh riders your looking to collaborate with in the future? Any unexplored locations that still hold a spare page in your passport?


Bit on. Jase Finlay descending from the clouds…alarmingly.  Frame: Video

Bit on. Jase Finlay descending from the clouds…alarmingly. Frame: Video

Mike showed the way, Ryan became immortal, Rawlins, Jono - these lords and more showed what peak bodyboarding is.
— Todd Barnes

How is it reminiscing over your old vids? Do you ever sit back and realise the magnitude of your work and how many amazing riders you have worked with in the past?

No. Eyes on the future. Remember point 2. Create mantra for success

 When I scroll through the snippets of some of your past films available on the web I can’t help but wonder how high you must have been during the editing stages of “Video” and “Trash”. The mind altering editing puts me into a state of euphoria every time, with or without the help of a tightly rolled green stick, so I can only imagine what universe you were cruising through Todd.

Care to enlighten me what was actually transpiring in your head at the time?

No Comment. Except in regards to the BB V SB argument…. Stand up! Blah blah blah, bodyboarding is trying to master 40 inches of foam under the lip. I stand up all day, fuck I wanna do more of that for….. anyway my point is just enjoy the good stuff, master your craft and show love to the GREATS!

Thank you.

Remember…. Ergonomics.

Remember…. Ergonomics.