Locals Pumped for Iquique World Tour Event

The APB is due to roll into Chile this weekend, with the Bellavista Bodyboard Pro presented by ERIZOS set to take place from the 22nd to the 28th of June in the port city of Iquique.

To say the local riders are pumped would be an understatement…

You don’t need to look beyond the statement from Erizos below to see that this comp has lit a fire in the bellies of the local competitors. I dare say the world’s best are certainly gonna be up against it when they reach the shores of Chile, later this week.

The World Tour QS event is set to take place at a wave called “Puntos Dos”, which consists of a long barrel into a ramp, not unlike Cloud 9. With the local store ERIZOS and their impressive roster of riders looking to make a statement on their home turf we reckon this comp is definitely one to keep your eyes on this year…

Statement from Erizos:

The APB World Tour returns to Iquique, the home and origins of ERIZOS’ DNA. Over the last decade Iquique has remained firmly on the international radar of the Bodyboard world. This is exemplified by the development of our sport in the region during these years, which has seen the emergence of world class exponents such as Yoshua Toledo; catalogued as a future professional from the beginning, he was the first achieve the Junior Professional World Title for Iquique. Then there is Joaquin Soto, and of course the experienced rider Alan Muñoz who is nº6 in the World and constantly shows us the impossible, and don’t forget about the 2017 Junior World Champion Nelson Flores who just like Yoshua, is already a Top 24 athlete in the APB.

Joaquin Soto. Shot by Lucas Leyton

Joaquin Soto. Shot by Lucas Leyton

"Nature gave us the stage and we have been the actors. ERIZOS started when everything was just a dream and each step has been monumental. Today, the possibilities are endless and what’s better than taking advantage of the spots we’ve surfed all our lives to raise Iquique to the top of the world of bodyboarding"

These are the words of our Team. More and more of us have “Sangre Erizos”. It is not enough to believe, today we have to prove, because it is us who will make our shores shine. Iquique is called the Land of Champions. When have we had the opportunity to pay tribute to our city by doing what we love most? The time is Now! ERIZOS – Iquique Bodyboard since 2007