Sacha Specker - "Between the Lines"

Here’s a name you may not have heard for a while: Sacha ‘Spex’ Specker. Sacha is a talented bodyboarder who has mastered the arts of booging prone, taking to the knee, as well as capturing the beauty of the ocean through a lens. There are not many riders that are synonymous with both prone and DK riding, but some do immediately come to mind: Dave Winchester, Damian King, Dave Hubbard and of course Sacha Specker.

Sacha was a mainstay on the world tour from 2010 to 2012, not only as a competitor but also as one of its main lensmen. Even with both responsibilities ‘Spex’ managed to take out the 2012 IBA Dropknee World Title.   

The multi-talented South African these days has turned his focus to the more profitable of his talents: water photography and cinematography. Sacha yesterday released a film alongside fellow South African filmmaker Jason Hearn titled “Between the Lines” that looks at Sacha’s passion for capturing images of the ocean.

In his own words this passion project of his and Jason Hearn’s:

delves into the intricate and rewarding relationship I have built with the ocean
— Sacha Specker

So sit back grab a beverage and enjoy 13 minutes of mesmerising, mind bending footage of South Africa’s beautiful coastline, accompanied by an almost godly and philosophical narration as you learn about ‘Spex’ deep connection with the ocean.