Graeme ‘Moth’ Miller. Photo:  Sam Venn

Graeme ‘Moth’ Miller. Photo: Sam Venn

We’ve been blessed with some incredible waves on Australia’s East Coast of late. A multitude of spots have been firing and surfers and bodyboarders alike have been itching at the bit to get amongst it. Some absolutely mental footage and photos have been surfacing on social media in recent days. One particular caught our attention however, and unfortunately it wasn’t a gaping barrel or ridiculous ramp. It seems some of our community have forgotten just how lucky we are. We’re lucky to have such a pristine coastline, particuarly in the South of NSW. However after recent swells it has been left looking not quite so pristine. We could rant about this for an age, but we believe hellman Shane Ackerman has summed it up perfectly in this recent PSA…

Words by Shane Ackerman:

“Last Friday if you were apart of a particular swell on the south coast, this is for you…

Lachlan Cramsie. Photo:  Sam Venn

Lachlan Cramsie. Photo: Sam Venn

We’ve got a problem. First of all - to the total arse-wipes that left rubbish strewn all around the carpark and headland.. you’ve obviously got no regard for anybody else, let alone the environment. Kind of baffling coming from surfers really - the one group of people that should appreciate and care for the environment. As for the other morons that thought it would be OK to take a shit in the front yard of nearby residents, well you’re a special kind of thick. 

Joe Clarke. Photo:  Sam Venn

Joe Clarke. Photo: Sam Venn

If you want to have a good time when you chase waves like this - a little respect goes along way to helping us all have a good day. Respect the place, respect the local crew and respect the environment, and we can all get along. If this is too much to handle, don’t bother showing up. I think I speak for everyone that holds this place dear, in saying that this situation has gotten out of control - and unless people sort their shit out quick smart, it’s not going to be such good vibes from here on in.

Photo:  Sam Venn

Photo: Sam Venn

Simple really - don’t be a fuckwit. Keep your real time insta-stories and geotags away, leave the place how you found it and stop acting like it’s a free for all.”

Unknown. Photo:  Sam Venn

Unknown. Photo: Sam Venn

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