Tristan Roberts 'Chemtrails' Clip

South African young gun Tristan Roberts has delivered the goods yet again, immersing himself in the food, culture and waves of France. His new clip features the iconic French beach breaks we are all too familiar with PLC tearing to shreds. Instead this time it is his fellow Pride rider doing the damage. We’re unsure as to what was in the coffee and baguettes Tristan was consuming on his trip, but it certainly didn’t hinder his surfing. Tristan has named the clip after the abundance of chemical trails he noticed in the French skyline left by planes. We’re not sure if there really are that many but it seems the amount of time Tristan spent launched above the lip in the French sky means he has more knowledge on the matter than us. We had a chat with Tristan about his new clip and time spent in France.

Filmed & edited by Simon Levallois.

MM: First off, How are you bru?

TR: I’m well thanks my bru, I just came back from a Europe trip which lasted more than a month, now I’m kicking it back at home, finding some waves and spending some time with the family. Life’s good!

Sick clip mate, but why the name 'Chemtrails'?

Thanks legend stoked you like it! Well with regards to the conspiracy theory that planes leave chemical trails in the air which causes people to get sick, if it was true, France would be the first country to suffer haha. I’m not a believer in the theory, but man, every time I looked into the sky it would be filled with trails. I’ve never seen so many anywhere else. That’s the reason we decided to name it “Chemtrails”.

Tell us about your trip to France? How did it come about?

I’ve always wanted to visit France; I’ve seen some amazing footage from the place and thought about how I’d love to give those beachies a go. I had booked a return ticket to spend a month in Portugal and cruise around there, then Pride hit me up saying the charts look good for France and that I should come over and film with them for a week. The day after arriving in Portugal I went back to the airport and flew out to France and straight into waves. It was damn cold surfing there, every morning we would be welcomed by a frozen car windscreen and then we would be driving around looking at all the different beach breaks trying to find the best peak. Then I’d head out and battle the closeouts to try pick out the gems in between. Every day was no different from the last, long hours of paddling up and down a beach to try get into position. Trust me, the clip doesn’t do justice of how much hard work it was to produce haha!


Did you renew that Pride contract? If so, how long are locked down for now?

Yeah my bru, I’ve resigned with Pride for another year. I’m excited to be a part of the brand again, we have a cool team trip planned and I think it’s going to be a banger of a year.

Did you eat many baguettes? Chow many coffees?

Many would be an understatement. I have never had such good bread man. Couldn’t stop. They’re always fresh and warm, kind of impossible to say no when you come out of a cold surf and you see those baguettes staring at you. You just have to indulge copious amounts and try work them off in the next surf haha. Every morning before I could even open my eyes, I’d stumble over to the coffee machine feeling all broken from the day before, hit the on button and brother let me tell you, it was all on from there! I feel like my dosage of coffee doubles in Europe, just seems like I find myself sitting at a coffee shop talking shit and having coffee more than I am surfing.

Are you trying to get the upper hand on Pierre by surfing the waves he grew up on?

Hahaha classic. Na bru, Maybe I should have just been European, cause I really enjoy it over there. I just enjoy the culture and all the good beach breaks. I think it’s the best way to train before the tour starts, just ride as many different beach breaks as possible. It definitely prepares you for the worst, makes you paddle fit and I feel like it really takes a good rider to figure out a tough beach break that isn’t as perfect as your dream reef break. But that’s just my opinion, I enjoy struggling through beach breaks and trying to make the most of an average wave. Don’t get me wrong though, I sure did find some perfection on this Europe trip. Damn they are blessed with waves!


Who are you inspired by these days?

Inspiration is something that I find from many athletes and sports. I appreciate a good and hardworking athlete, no matter what sport he/she is a part of. Hard work is hard work. So, it would be tough to say who exactly I get inspired by. But one thing I have realized is that I have been thinking a lot more about where I am in life than when I was a teenager. I find myself thinking a lot about how much I have dedicated to being a bodyboarder and how I have literally spent so much valuable time doing it. I can’t slow down now. I know no different. If I end up not riding waves, I wouldn’t know what to do with my time. This thought inspires me to get up and do something productive, whether it be keeping fit when there’s no waves or heading back down for my third surf of the day, I am focusing most of my energy on being a better rider and I’m enjoying the process.

Who inspires you in the bodyboarding world?

Inspiration in the Bodyboarding world comes from many guys, I think mostly the guys who actually enjoy riding waves and any kind of waves for the pure joy of it. Lately Jacob Romero has been reminding me of how important it is to enjoy shit waves as much as we enjoy good waves. He is always posting stories of riding any type of wave and I think that’s important to remember, if you want to be the best rider you can be, you have to enjoy just being out there and groveling as much as we love the big perfect conditions we get blessed with at times.  My local crew at home inspires me to ride waves as much as I can when I’m home. They always amped to surf with me and that gets me in the water and keen to ride waves and enjoy the good times with mates, there’s nothing better! Jeff Hubbard inspires me with how big he’s been going at pipe. He is still so crazy good and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, that’s damn inspiring! Man the list goes on,  I try to find inspiration from all bodyboarders, whether it be their stoke to ride waves or their level of riding, I feel like just seeing guys loving the sport is so inspiring to be involved in it.

I am after a world title. I’m not putting a time frame on it, but I’m definitely after it
— Tristan Roberts

You won 3 events on the World Tour last year... Is this the year you have a proper dig at a World Title?

Yeah winning three events last year was really an eye opener. I felt like I was really comfortable and I was surfing comps like I free surf. And I like that approach. I just want to be comfortable and try put up as many big scores as I can. I’m definitely hungrier than I’ve ever been, I’m excited to compete. I feel good and I think it’s the best I’ve felt going into a new year of competing, so with that being said, I am after a world title. I’m not putting a time frame on it, but I’m definitely after it.


Any other trips planned for the rest of the year?

Well besides the busy schedule we have for the tour and the Pride team trip coming up, I’m not left with much time to travel. I’ll only be back around late October from the tour and I usually just have a week or two at home after that to chill and relax after the busy year, so I don’t think I will be going anywhere else. Maybe head over somewhere in December but who knows, I think right now it’s just a matter of competing on the tour and traveling around from Comp to comp. But if I do go somewhere, maybe I’ll be back talking to you guys about it haha.

We’ve got our fingers crossed mate. Cheers for the chat.

Thanks for the opportunity legends, hope everyone enjoys the clip!

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