NEW AGE IS LIVE: Click Through Now To Watch

CDs and your local video store weren’t the only thing to go the way of the dodo with the rise of the internet. As the financial incentive for both riders and creators dropped, so did the number of bodyboarding feature films we saw being released. The business model dried up, and with everyone buying GoPros, Youtube began incentivising clips just a few minutes long; offering little inspiration for creators looking to dive into feature-length films.

Now though, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and let out a collective “thank fuck”, ladies and gentlemen... Why? Because there’s a new feature film out there by the name of NEW AGE, and it’s worth every bit of the wait between drinks.   

Featuring Portugal’s Antonio Cardoso, flanked by his tight-knit crew of Praia Do Norte’s finest, as well as some of Europe’s biggest chargers, NEW AGE will have you frothing at the mouth and booking a plane ticket to Lisbon, tonight.

With the release of Tom Jennings and James Strickland’s 3 Amigos just months ago, we’d like to think there’s a resurgence taking place. It’s not easy being a creative in any age, let alone in 2019; particularly in a subculture like bodyboarding. So, on that note, let's give the people responsible for creating NEW AGE the props they deserve and share the fuck out of it.

Get the word out… There’s a new age dawning.