If you hadn’t got enough of a dosage of MOZ in Antonio Cardoso’s film ‘New Age’ - today is your lucky day. He has just released a clip of him in his adopted home of the Canary Islands. You won’t see the usual suspect El Fronton However. Moz ventured off his home in Gran Canaria to a smaller sister island in the region called Lanzarote.

According to Amaury, Fronton was actually pumping during this particular swell, but he wanted to try something different. After viewing this clip, it is clear that his gamble paid off.

The Canary Islands is providing some of the most amazing potential I have ever seen in terms of waves
— Amaury Lavernhe

Amaury’s sentiments are apparent in ‘Nearby Trips’ where he is treated with big draining left handers not that unlike those served up by Hawaii’s prized possession, just a lot less crowds.

Caolan FlanneryComment