Random Acts Movie Premiere

Photo:  Tim Kavanagh

Remember Bodyboard Movie premieres?! Wild scenes of hundred’s (even thousands) of pissed boogers hooting and yelling obscenities and nothing but moral support for those featured up on the big screen… Well the Sunshine Coast played host to one last Saturday night.

Random Acts is a timeless classic, 20 plus years in the making, starring household names like Adam Keegan, Kane Cox, Michael Crawley, Troy Thornton, Nelson Ross, Corey Bradley, with some more underground guys like Rob Smith, Dave Lohan, John Gibson, Benn Oudeman, Mark Bunyan, and the younger riders like Matt Lackey, Mitchell Rawlins, Kirra Lllewellyn, Jono Bruce, Joel Taylor and Winston McCall.

All footage by Tim Barclay

Produced by Tim Barclay & Justin Law

Cover design by David Lohan

Words by David Mcsweeney:

The local ‘Your Mates’ brewery was the perfect place to launch the much anticipated ‘RANDOM ACTS’ film.

An hour before the the viewing the venue was packed with over two hundred local and interstate boogers. Everyone was keen to see some local waves and riders from the late 90’s to early 2000s. The merch’ sold quickly with only a limited number of DVD’s remaining.

The stars of the night. Photo:  Tim Kavanagh

The stars of the night. Photo: Tim Kavanagh

Local legend, and all round nice guy, Eppo rolled in to add to the vibe, with Kira Llewellyn, Adam Keegan, Jono Bruce and several other former rippers from the era sharing autographs and stories with those gathered.

Photo:  Tim Kavanagh

After some brews there was a short introduction from the Sunny Coast old School Bodyboarders and film-maker Tim Barclay. Nineties metal pumped through the PA as RANDOM ACTS started to hoots and cheers from all. Everyone was pumped to see Kiras’ big air at a local reef and had a laugh seeing some decent workings in big local waves. The Sunny Coast and Aussie bodyboard scene came together to witness some old school action with nothing but good times and the love of the sport on display.

Photo:  Tim Kavanagh

Word has it the after party was attended by some well known boogers who partied like they were groms. Apparently it went into the early hours until the local boys in blue turned up to remind everyone of their age.

Photo:  Tim Kavanagh

DVDs are now available in store at Inverted Bodyboarding on the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. Stay tuned to movementmag.com for information about the official online release.

Photo:  Tim Kavanagh