Lewy Finnegan - Europe 2018

Words by Lewy Finnegan

“Europe to me feels like a home away from home. It's a 3 month holiday that I am lucky enough to go on every year where I hang out with some of my best friends, chase some waves, eat a shit load of pastries and drink those weird little coffees that make my heart beat out of my chest. Even though I'm there for the World Tour, it's so hard for me to focus on the events because I'm too busy having such a fun time with so many people that the whole competition side of my trip kind of gets overshadowed.

The Portuguese crew are some of the most genuine people I know. Hanging out with them over there has made me realise what true friends are. We laugh more than we even talk when we're together. It blows me away just how accomodating and generous they are and I can't wait for the day that they come to Australia so I can do the best i can to look after them!

The Canarians, too, are such nice guys! Learning enough Spanish to hold some conversations with those boys has created stronger relationships between us and through learning their language I have been able to build solid friendships with them. They're all really friendly and I definitely consider some of those boys as my best friends in the world. The vibes in the water are pretty competitive most of the time though, even between them. I think they all really want to prove themselves to be the best, especially when the pros are in town and I think it's a very healthy thing for our sport. The level of riding over there is incredibly high because of it, and they are absolute chargers when the waves are big. It's pretty scary trying to keep up with them.”

Filmed by: Manuel Barbosa & PF Bodyboarding

Edited by: Lewy Finnegan

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