'New Age' - The Pro’s Verdict?

‘New Age’ is the pride and joy of Portuguese charger Antonio Cardoso. It is a Boog film showcasing his mental abilities with some very notable cameos from both big names and local Portuguese shredders. Up until now however only a minority had seen the film. It has been showcased at premieres in Portugal and Spain to large crowds but was yet to reach the screens of those of us who dwell elsewhere until recently. (It became available to all Internet dwellers on the 11th of April here @movementmag.com)

One particular premiere took place during last years Nazare World Tour event on Antonio’s home turf. This inevitably meant that some of our sport’s best were there to witness the local hero present his film. Among those in attendance were three of our sports biggest names Jared Houston, Amaury Lavernhe & Mike Stewart.

Since we weren’t lucky enough to be there and aren’t patient enough to wait for ourselves, we decided to find out a bit about ‘New Age’ and what the gents thoughts were on the film.

Jared Houston, when quizzed on what the rest of the world had to look forward to when they got their hands (or eyeballs) on the film immediately shot back with “Antonio shredding along with some cool guest appearances!”.

We also asked Jerry about the man himself; Antonio Cardoso, to which he replied, “I think what gives Antonio the edge is where he lives and how passionate he is to improve, he has the platform in Nazare and the desire to go big and those combined are a catalyst for success”.

It’s these things that have us over here at Movement so excited about the level of riding on show in ‘New Age’. He went on to describe how Antonio is a bit of a silent assassin out in the line-up “Sometimes you almost forget he's out there and then BOOM he's throwing down the move of the day!”.

(Antonio) has the platform in Nazare and the desire to go big and those combined are a catalyst for success
— Jared Houston

Feature boog films have certainly been few and far between in recent times, but with the recent releases of 3 Amigos and New Age, it seems there may be a resurgence. Jared certainly hopes so; “It’s cool to see guys putting the time into making something special”.

Amaury Lavernhe was equally as excited about Antonio’s new film. Some waves of Moz in his adopted home of the Canary Islands feature in ‘New Age’.“I was stoked when Antonio asked me to be a part of his movie”. Moz told us when asked about his appearance.

Amaury described the film as a whole as “An amazing movie in terms of the footage quality and riding”. Something that could certainly be put down to the waves and community of bodyboarders within Portugal, which Amaury believes to be “probably the biggest and strongest in Europe”.

An amazing movie in terms of the footage quality and riding.
— Amaury Lavernhe

On what ‘New Age’ has the potential to do for our sport, Moz expressed that the film “shows the world the quality bodyboarding in terms of footage and technique... (and) proves to some riders that with work, discipline and passion everything is possible!”. Amaury hopes it may prompt a growth in bodyboarding within Europe.

On Antonio’s riding within the film and his surfing in general Amaury had this to say:

Antonio is a really complete rider with flow, style and engagement. Seeing him surfing in Nazare is always an inspirational moment and I love his physical side of the sport.
— Amaury Lavernhe

Coming from someone like Moz, this is no small deal.

 Moz indicated he was a fan of the title ‘New Age’ as the film was a clear indication that: “bodyboarding is getting to a new era, with new riders with new visions and goals. (And that) Antonio is one of them, with his dreams and his determination to get what he wants!!”

bodyboarding is getting to a new era, with new riders with new visions and goals
— Amaury Lavernhe

Mike Stewart also had his own perspective on what the title of the film might mean stating “I can only speculate, (but) to me it is a new era in performance from the Portuguese”.

Mike’s favourite section in his own words was “The big left bowl”. Which when you see it you’ll understand why it requires no further description. On the film as a whole the Godfather also had this to say:

It was great to see the level of both the riding and the waves
— Mike Stewart

He also had praise for the man of the moment Antonio Cardoso, believing that only maybe a handful of the top international riders could surf Nazare at his level. We’ll leave you with this sentiment from Mike about Antonio as a rider as a clear reason to sit back on the couch grab some popcorn and watch New Age’ at your soonest convenience.

He (Antonio) is definitely one of the most technical riders I have seen from Portugal
— Mike Stewart