WATCH: The 'New Age' Trailer

For those unfamiliar with the Nazaré-nutjob in question, Antonio Cardoso is a self-described ‘simple man’.

That is, if your definition of simple involves towing into bombs and launching off some of the craziest ramps the Atlantic Ocean has to offer at a beach break notorious for humbling even the most brazen of riders. He and his crew are no doubt the bodyboarding archetype of Nazaré’s Praia do Norte. And if you don’t believe us, see for yourself right above with the brand-spanking new trailer of Antonio’s much anticipated feature film. In the lead up to the official release of ‘New Age’ right here on our Exclusive Movie Platform, it’s only fitting that we sat down with the man of the hour, to find out just what makes him tick.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for the ocean,” Antonio says. We’ve got no doubt about that, considering that Antonio has worn his fair share of bombs on the head. “Bodyboarding has added a lot to my life,” and the heavier the better, he says.

“I feel good in the water,” he adds with a smile.

The conditions in Portugal can be every bit as rugged as the sheer cliffs surrounding Nazaré would suggest; battered by frequent massive swells and roaring wind patterns. Having grown up here, Antonio has adapted his riding to suit whatever conditions present themselves. “I look for the best conditions for the practice of bodyboarding, and when these conditions do not fit, I stand up surf - tow and paddling - so I can feel good in the water.”

One of his own most memorable experiences, according to Antonio was “one of my waves - a right - in the Fronton competition… it’s one of my favourites.”

It was a special moment, like a dream coming true competing in those conditions against Mike Stewart, in front of a huge crowd of bodyboarding fans sitting on the cliff
— Antonio Cardoso

“I love the idea of having guys around me pushing the limits each and every session.” He said.

We moved the conversation to the fact that Antonio had recently parted ways with Pride after an eight-year relationship; we wanted to know some more background behind the split. “Pride was one of my main sponsors for a long time,” he said.

“I’m really grateful for all the support, and for the opportunity to represent them, but my expectations and goals for the sport are bigger than they could support.” On the aftermath of the split, Cardoso said, “I always keep my mind positive, and believe change is for the better.”

We then moved to the realities of funding a project like New Age. Antonio was quick to point out that “it was really difficult to fund the movie, but my persistence kept me believing.”

It was in light of this struggle for funding that he wanted to extend a big thanks for the “support from the brand Praia do Norte, Casio G-Shock, ONDA wetsuits and NWSTORE,” for making the project a reality.

He says the movie was largely inspired by a conversation with the production house he teamed up with, Semiotica. “We looked at footage from one of my best performances in Portugal, and also my best results from competitions around the world.”

It’s Cardoso’s hope that “this movie will bring in some fresh air, in terms of my career, and future plans.”

By the sound of it, the results from the first showings have been extremely positive, and this breath of fresh air looks inevitable.

I’m really happy with the result. We had the first premiere in Nazaré, which was completely full. It was great to see everybody excited, screaming and really enjoying it.
— Antonio Cardoso

“We managed a second premiere, this time in the North of the country. After everyone’s reactions, I feel super motivated.”

“It was a pleasure to receive it all,” he says. It would have been particularly rewarding for Antonio considering his blood, sweat and tears approach to all aspects of its production; to pay for some of the production of the film. Antonio explained that he “worked renting jet skis all summer to pay for the editing work required to make the best quality film we could,” which we’re sure will make it all that little bit sweeter when New Age offical drops on 11th April 2019.

So, tune in to check out the fruits of Cardoso and his team’s labor right here, very soon!