Mike Stewart At The Surf Ranch? Yes Please!

Let's face it, wavepools are so hot right now.

Tanner flying out of the bowl, was one thing, but since that fateful clip of Kelly's wavepool dropped three-years ago now, who of you hasn't wanted to see what Mike Stewart's effortless flow and powerful carves could do to that thing... we've all been waiting for it, and here it is. 

That's not to take anything away from the lucky few like Paulo Barcellos, a young Andy Potts and even one-part of Flume Music that have had a go, but we - as a bodyboarding collective - have all been waiting for the Godfather himself to do a number on that thing. Considering Mike's the guy that gives outer-reef Pipe a run for its money, let's hope Lemoore wasn't in drought, because they were surely topping up the pool after Mike was done with it. 

Now, and without further adieu, we present just what the most iconic bodyboarder in our history did to that poor, hopeless stretch of water tucked away in the Californian countryside.

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