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25 Years Shaping | 10 Boards made | 5 Years of HandPicked | 1 for the collectors

2019 marks the 5th Birthday of HandPicked as well as their shaper Marc Rossouw’s 25th Year of shaping, and they’re celebrating in style.

HandPicked came from humble beginnings, starting in a garage just five years ago. They now have their own factory and are sending boards all around the world, so why not acknowledge this milestone?

“When I started this Movement, I had some of my closest friends tell me that I was ’stupid’ and telling me that I didn’t need to risk what I had… So, to be writing this response from our offices in Sydney being interviewed by the best bodyboard magazine on the globe about our 5 year exclusive board range, I’m super proud to be at this point!” – Michael Ostler (HP Founder)

The exclusive board range Michael is referring to is 10 state of the art boards that are being completely hand shaped by Marc. The only catch is you can’t just buy them. (Don’t worry, we were just as befuddled as you must be when Michael Ostler first told us).

Team rider Wilder Schultz free falling at The Tand. Photography: Allan Horton

Team rider Wilder Schultz free falling at The Tand. Photography: Allan Horton

The term exclusive seems to be thrown around with no real significance behind it these days, But the team at Handpicked are really taking the term to heart with this special release of boards. You must first apply (via the link below) and be deemed worthy by the powers that be (South African shredder and mastermind behind HP Michael Ostler and veteran shaper Marc Rossouw). Valid judges if you ask us! Expect to hear back within 48 hours regarding your application.

“Once the customer applies, it is up to us to see who is eligible for the board. We have a criteria for applicants and only if all criteria is reached, will the board be sold… we will be selecting the people who we feel represent what we are expressing with this range”. - Ostler

The exclusivity is reinforced by the fact that the boards will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by both Ostler and Rossi as well as an Official Bill of sale. On top of this, once deemed eligible you will only have 24 hours to submit payment if you wish to purchase the board.

A sneak peak at one of the limited-edition boards.

A sneak peak at one of the limited-edition boards.

Would you ride or preserve the board if you were lucky enough to be able to purchase it? Over here at Movement we’re still split and we’re sure this question will be a divisive one amongst boogers around the world. Even Marc seemed in two minds when we questioned him.

“I have a good friend at home in Durban who without doubt has South Africa's best collection and unridden gems in original plastic and packaging are time capsules and special. But deep down there isn't a much better feeling for a shaper than seeing your creations hard at work taking a beating, holding up and delivering on its promises. I must add nothing worse than seeing a neglected board getting wasted.” – Marc Rossi (HP Shaper).

Marc at HP headquarters, in his element.

Marc at HP headquarters, in his element.

The team at HandPicked have expressed to us just how special the board will be, and we have no doubt that they will be truly unique. You might be picturing some futuristic space age looking piece of foam. We won’t lie that’s the first image that came to our head as well. But as you’ll see these boards are the perfect combo of new and old, futuristic and traditional. They are one of a kind.

“It's almost as if I'm trying to put 25 years of shaping into one board, like blending ingredients. The small but pure subtle things, nuances that look good but have a very functional roll in the performance of the board. That is what separates these boards from the rest.” – Rossi



-        Hand shaped by Marc in his 25th year of shaping

-        Specs: (made to order for length) - 42” : N - 12.25 // W - 21.25 //  N-W 17.50 // T - 18 5/8

-        Built with HandPicked’s APEX core and PP

-        New channel system

-        2-stripe contours (limited to this release of boards)

-        All Black = Tribute to the first ever HP 5 years ago.

-        Silver stamps: HP and Limited

-        ¾ Mesh

-        Single Stringer

-        Crescent Tail


Applications are open now on HandPicked’s site. So, if you want a piece of foam that is also a piece of history hit the link! https://thehandpickedmovement.co/

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