Junk Part II

For Lewy to label his latest web-series ‘Junk’, is just downright ludicrous. In all seriousness though, it is actually ‘leftovers’ from the highly successful 3 Amigos movie - something you should watch right now if you haven’t already. Regardless of what we think, this is darn good viewing! Here is what Lewy had to see about the essence of this edit:

“The Box... What a beautiful place.

There will always be a special place in my heart for 'The Box. It's where I first starting pushing myself and my limits in Bodyboarding. Where I first watched my idols like Ryan Hardy and Mitch Rawlins surfing with my own eyes. Where I first felt a burning desire to be able to ride such a dangerous, yet equally perfect slab. And where I’ve been able to refine and practise riding a bodyboard exactly how I want to in waves that shine a spotlight on what bodyboarding is all about - deep barrels and big airs.”

Filmed by @strickossss and @tomjenno

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