Could This Be the Best Pipe Comp Ever?

Source: APB TOUR

Source: APB TOUR

After being starved of a bodyboarding event on the World Tour, at Hawaii’s iconic Pipeline in 2018, 2019 is looking like it might just deliver one of the best we have ever seen.

2019 will see a one-day event, ‘The Mike Stewart Invitational’, with 40 of the worlds best riders tackling the renowned break. The 40 man draw is comprised of the APB top 24 riders, 8 Hawaiian Invitees, 4 APB Wildcards and 4 Trialists (the trials event will be held at ‘Keaus’ on the Westside one day between 16th - 23rd February). The main-event will have a 13-day waiting period from the 24th of February to the 8th of March.

There will also be an exhibition Dropknee Final and a Womens Final held at Pipe as well, with the earlier rounds to be surfed at the trials event on the Westside before-hand.

With the competition running over what is likely to be one intense and fast-paced day of 20 minute / 4-man heats, there is a high chance we will get to see the sports finest riders in the most ideal conditions possible.

This is backed up by Mike Stewart himself who has said…

With almost two weeks in the holding period we are virtually guaranteed of getting a great day for the main event
— Mike Stewart


With Mike Stewart and the APB collaborating to bring the Pipe Comp back to life, there is no doubt that we may have something very special to watch in the coming weeks, with a confirmed live web-cast for the explosive day of competition at .

In a press release from the APB, CEO Alex Leon spoke on the Pipeline event that will kick off the Tour in 2019, stating

It’s a perfect way to launch the new competition season and we’re all very excited to return to Hawaii.
— Alex Leon


There are already talks of big names such as Jeff Hubbard, Guilherme Tamega, Ben Player, Garth McGregor and Ryan Hardy returning to ‘the rock’ to compete in the prestigious event.

With the process of gaining multi-day permits for 2020 and beyond already in process, it looks as though the Pipe comp may well and truly be back on schedule.

Below is the current 2019 Tour schedule. However, changes may come as the APB and Fronton King event promoters have begun talks regarding bringing the event back to the World Tour.

Click here if you would like to sign up for the event!

The proposed 2019 Mens schedule.

The proposed 2019 Mens schedule.

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