Not Even "Pierre's Hot Bod" Could Bring The Heat At Kiama

Pierre styling from the pages of Issue 43. Photo:  @joshuatabone

Pierre styling from the pages of Issue 43. Photo: @joshuatabone

It has been a little over two weeks since we flicked the lights back on at Exciting times, to be sure; but in terms of housekeeping, we've simply been too busy to take a piss let alone take stock of things around here.

But today, not long after we saw our live numbers drop signalling that our fair readers had finally hit the pillow – exhausted after a long week swallowing the bitter pill that was the Kiama Pro – we were able to kick up our feet for a hot minute and take a look at what we've laid down so far. A consistent stream of lovingly – albeit, haphazardly – slapped-together stories. A booze-fuelled film premiere. A streaming platform for bodyboarding movies. Far too much time spent cropping a shot of a shirtless Pierre and overlaying his bare nipples with flashing stars for an Instagram Story. Which, strangely, leads us to our next point...

... Your thoughts. Where are they?

Are you enjoying what we're doing here at Movement? Did you like our story on the best and worst things about the World Tour right now? Did seeing Timmy Hamilton ride the Texas wave pool get you psyched or send you into a seething rage? What about Antonio Cardoso charging big waves, or the best young guns making noise right now – either of those rustle your jimmies? Have you watched anything on Movement TV yet and if so, are you sold or unsatisfied? Are you happy? Tired? Lonely? Six beers deep and looking for love? Pissed off with bodyboarding? Pissed off with us? Do you even care?

Tell us. Seriously. Conjure all the chutzpah you can muster, roll up your sleeves and type whatever you want into our comments section. Anything you want. The option for you to finally be able to comment on our stories is, by and large, the thing we're most excited about with this new website. We want to laugh, cry, and fight with you. Maybe even grow an unhealthy obsession with you, use your account details to back-search your actual name, find out where you live and confront you in person for saying that we're "washed up doughboys" and our stories are (sic) "f**ken lame" in the comments section. Lets heat things up in here. Lord knows, this sport could do with a bit of fire up in its gills. 

So what does all this have to do with Pierre's semi-naked bod? Bear with me. 

While we've had a few rare bites in the comments section, there has been nothing truly funny, or interesting, or laced with flavour – bar one lone soldier going by the name of PierresHotBod who, tucked away on our World Tour predictions piece, hit the comments section and summed up all of our thoughts on Kiama in one single sentence: "Too bad my hot bod couldn't bring the big waves".

Amen, PierresHotBod. We salute you. Keep fighting the good fight, stay shirtless and see you in the comments section. 

Behold our comment section hero, PierresHotBod.

Behold our comment section hero, PierresHotBod.