Introducing The Man Who Inspired Jacob Romero To Fly High

Photo:  @joshuatabone

When it comes to oceanic displays of reckless abandon, Jacob Romero reigns supreme. Give the Hawaiian a ramp, and he’ll make your jaw drop and ego wither. If we were Romero’s physio, we’d probably tell him to tone it down a few feet; maybe aim into the flats a little less. Instead, we asked him to dish on what played catalyst to his career as the wildest booster in the business. Turns out, it was all thanks to a Maui local legend and one crazy wave at Honolua Bay from back in the day. We’ll let Romero fill you in:

“When I was around 15 or 16, I would watch a lot of bodyboarding videos – underground Maui vids, international boogie movies. There was a guy named Chad-O Militante; I would see him out at our local spots and I knew he was crazy. He would be busting huge airs, dropknee-ing switch stance, pulling into huge barrels; just ripping. He’d also cut me off and drop in on me ‘cause I was a grom.

One day, I picked up this movie called The Pillage. Chad-o had a section and I knew it was going to be insane. It changed my life – especially that one wave at Honolua Bay. To this day, I think it’s the biggest air reverse and best wave ever ridden on a boogie.

Watching Chad-o and that section influenced me to go huge; to hit anything and just go all-out.  He had his own style, a Hawaiian style. No need cross legs, just anykine!  He just wanted to go straight-up huge. Chad-o and that one wave still inspires me to this day. Mahalo, Chad-o.”

The Chad-o clip that inspired Jacob Romero to go huge. Skip to 2:12 for the wave in question.