Behold, The World’s First Streaming Platform Dedicated to Bodyboarding

tv Bright.jpg

We made a streaming service, and it is good – at least, we think so. We’re calling it Movement TV, because it’s the first name we came up with and it more or less sums it up. On it, you’ll find bodyboarding movies; some with legend status (see: Holding On), some exclusive to us (see: Mutant Slabs & Monster Barrels). A couple of absolute bangers are primed to drop in the near future – but we’re keeping tight-lipped on that front for now. Sling us a frothy next time we cross paths and maybe we’ll let one slip.

For now, get amongst it and then let us know what you think and what you want to see. We’ll bust our balls to make it happen.

Click HERE to see the full lineup.