An Explanation For Our Lengthy Hiatus

Morning Glory. Photo:  @joshuatabone

Morning Glory. Photo: @joshuatabone

They say change is as good as a holiday, but we all know that an actual holiday is better. Over the last few months, we at MM decided to do both.

You see, Movement is greater than the sum of its parts but lately, some of those parts have been busy with life, kids, startups and hunting the globe for waves. We knew we wanted to offer our community more, but exactly what it was – and how to make it happen – eluded us.

So we embarked on the world’s longest, most international brainstorming session, spread across Australia, Chile, Namibia and Amsterdam, and dreamt up a list of stuff we want to bring to life in the not-so-distant future. A streaming platform dedicated to bodyboarding movies. Bigger, better content on the regular. More stories. Film premieres. Exhibitions. Criticism. Interviews. An olive branch to our stand-up and bodysurfing brethrens. That’s why we hit pause on the newly-minted site a few months back; so we could focus on making all that aforementioned epic shit happen.

With that, welcome to the new, new We’re most excited about Movement TV – a dedicated streaming platform with both free and exclusive, pay-to-access movies from some of our sport’s greatest riders (including Tom Boyle, Damian King and Ben Player). Check out the first selection of films to stream here.

But we’ve got brand-spankin’ new content rolling in every week too. To coincide with our relaunch, and the upcoming Kiama Pro, wrap your eyeballs around our exclusive interview with APB CEO Alex Leon, get the inside word about life on tour from ex-pro Josh Burguete-Kirkman and scan our power rankings lineup before you place your comp bets.

And most importantly, stay tuned – there’s plenty more to come and we’re excited to be taking this ride with you.