Joana Schenker Is The Women's World Champ We Need Right Now


In most cases, the cover of GQ Magazine is reserved for guys like Leonardo Di-Caprio, David Beckham or any other leading man fresh off the back of a blockbuster film or final-winning field goal. Professional bodyboarders rate fairly low on that list – call it like we see it. But if you happened to walk into a Portuguese news agency over the last few months and fondled through their reading material, you would’ve discovered the face of 28-year-old bodyboarder – and freshly-crowned APB Female World Champ – Joana Schenker on the cover of GQ Portugal. Maybe Leo’s people didn’t pick up the phone. Maybe we’ve never met a bodyboarder quite like Schenker.

MM: So Joana, tell us – how did the GQ shoot come about?

JS: I got the invitation only a couple of days before the shoot and I didn’t know what to expect – it was a completely new experience for me. I admit I was excited still not so sure about the whole thing until the mag came out, the end result exceeded my expectations. I just embraced the opportunity.

You might be new to the readers of GQ, but you’re a familiar face on the women’s tour - Portuguese National champ, three-time

European champ and now APB Female World Champ. Is your focus strictly on dominating the competitive circuit?

I’ve been competing since I picked up a bodyboard, but the last few year have been really successful in Europe and on the world tour. I know that competition is the key factor for keeping my sponsors and actually being a professional bodyboarder, so I will keep investing in the competitive side for sure. That said, I’m not a very competitive person – I love free-surfing so much more, and my main focus in bodyboarding is just to surf better, push my own limits, work on my style and ultimately have fun.

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