Stand-Up Extraordinaire Harry Bryant Is About To Become A Full-Time Dragger

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In case you’re yet to witness the highly original brain-fuckery that is DRAG’s feature flick, aptly named R.I.P. (Rest In Pits), you might not know much about 21-year-old East Coast cruiser, Harry Bryant. Though he’s from the stand-up ilk, Bryant scored coveted air-time in the recently-released movie, showing off his prowess on both the fibreglass and foam (sometimes simultaneously). When we recently caught up with Bryant to chat about his thoughts on bodyboarding and beyond, he was chair-bound and dry thanks to a recent skate injury (as you can probably deduce by now, he’s not tethered to one particular craft). It’s a change in course that’s got him considering moving to the drag-side full-time – or at least until his bunged ankle heals up.

MM: So Harry, when was the last time you ditched the stick for a Boog?

HB: I actually broke my foot skating last week so I’ve hung up the stick in replacement for the boog for the next 4-6 weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for some hot content.

Besides that, what’s been keeping you busy?

I just turned 21, so I’ve been hitting the piss pretty hard. But leading into the piss-up, I’ve been surfing a heap. It’s all about a healthy surf-to-piss-up ratio.

You scored a section in R.I.P. – how do you feel it came out?

RIP blew up the net! It’s great to see draggers getting the credit and limelight they deserve.

In the flick, you show off some decent surfboard-to-bodyboard transfer skills. What’s that all about?

I just can’t get the height I’m looking for on the boog – too much drag. But I feel with the help of a stick I can get the height I’m after. There’s a huge future in The Tranny.

What’s your dream transfer scenario?

Stroking in on an 8ft log at Shippies; get to ya feet, boog in arm. Launch off the step into a mad inny, wave spits, flip out with mad cregs straight into the channel and neck a beer.

Skateboard, surfboard, soft-top, bodyboard – you’re like the unofficial don of craft equality...

I’ve always been a fan of mixing up my crafts; keeps it exciting. Whenever I’m hunting waves i’ll always throw in a drag, skatie or a softie. Means you’ll never get skunked! Ex-Dragger Tom Rob went through the faze of longboarding up in Noosa Heads (The Trim Reaper), now he has slaved himself to the skatie – he’s a perfect example.

Surfers v bodyboarders – is it a dying argument?

It’s kind of 70-30 at the Moment. 70% of surfers worship the draggers for their utter core-ness in chasing slabs and living simple.

The other 30% live on the East Coast’s point breaks, are in their early 50’s and cant get their heads around the dick-dragging spongers and wish they would all “Get farrkkked”.

But I’ve always grown up around boogers and most of my mates are possessed to the boog.

Who’s your favourite bodyboarder and why?

Tough one. I’d have to go with my little mate Jimbo [James Kates], purely because he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. He draws different lines and drags for the fun of it.

My second favourite would have to be “The Moose”, he’s lost all his braincells at the Stanwell Park Bottlo and will paddle into any slab as long as the boys are watching.

Would you consider transitioning to the bodyboard full-time?

If this foot of mine doesn’t heal I may not have a choice.

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