An Interview With the Wild Minds Behind 'Drag'

Not many brands have divided the bodyboarding community more than the guys at team Drag. Their satirical humour is loathed by the traditional bodyboard purists and loved by millennials that relate to their non-conformist ways. So we thought we'd catch up with team Drag to chat about their new movie (which is playing exclusively here for a few days) and to find out how they plan to take bodyboarding into the twenty second century... or die trying. 

Firstly, can you begin by telling us a bit about your new movie, RIP? And what does the name stand for? Is it an acronym for something like Repetoire of Insane Professionals? 

RIP documents the strange dystopian world of the post BFC. And the subsequent death, funeral and eulogy of the horizontal wave slide device.

You guys throw around the acronym of BFC a bit on your Instagram, what does it stand for? 

The BFC was the Bodyboard Financial Crisis, and the final descent into horizontal depravity. In the last days, life was tough for those who survived the polyprocalypse. Banished to a world where squeezing 5 mates into a hatchback was the only viable commute option, where dining on tuna and day old loaf was considered a splurge. The share house living conditions and daily scavenge was quite frankly, astonishing.

Crazy to see the froth you guys are generating on websites like Stab and Monster Children. Websites that typically don’t run content on bodyboarding. Can Drag singlehandedly lift the Boog community out of the BFC and return the sport to worldwide domination?

We wish that were possible, but alas, it's too late.

We heard that you made millions of dollars selling the RIP rights to Monster Children and you’re going to start a wave pool in Australia which is exclusively for bodyboarders?

It was Sam Bennett's dying wish to ride the Kelly Slater wave pool, a wish that was to come true as Kelly himself agreed to leasing Drag the pool for a full day. However just before we got the nod, the pool was bought by the WSL, and after James Kates' gallant effort at J Bay, burning Kolohe in the name of exposing WSL's dustup atrocities, they were quick to shut us down and impose strict anti-dragging pool rules.

We also heard another rumour, this time that you’re going to sponsor Matt Bevilacquaand get him to surf The Bull on a Drag Wave Ski? Any truth to that rumour, guess it makes sense to win-over the Fitness market since you’ve made the big time in the Surf, Skate and Boogie market these days

Fitness has no place in Drag.