A Thousand (And One) Words With British Export Jack Gore

Welcome to the second instalment of 1001 Words, our new shebang where we send a handful of random words to a spotlight-worthy photographer and see what they come back with. This time round, we’ve enlisted the dazzling photographic eye of 23-year-old British export, Jack Gore.

Hailing from Bristol, England, Gore currently calls Australia’s Sunshine Coast home, where he regularly wakes at the crack of sparrow fart, points his rig seaward and nails some of the hottest shots on this side of the equator. His images are palpable – toying with texture and movement, each one of Gore’s shots will jerk you from your desk chair and force you to view world from his unique perspective. It’s a welcome breather from the conveyor belt of Insta waves we’re attuned to scrolling through all day, and a style that could take Gore far beyond the realms of bodyboarding… though we’d be chuffed if he could continue shooting waves for our viewing pleasure (thanks in advance, Jackie boy).

What wakes you up in the morning?

Two coffees and toast with too much butter. That, and the fact that I love my job makes it rather easy most mornings.

What keeps you up at night?

editing, emailing, sending off jobs, being over-caffeinated from the course of the day, the cat scratching my blinds if I leave my window open, and a body clock that is so out of whack it’s not even funny.

What are you shooting with?

A Nikon D750.

Who’s your favourite rider to shoot?

Elliot Butler.

What inspires you?

Winter. Cold snaps do something to me.

When was the last time you were scared shooting?  

On the South Coast. The surfer I was with had one of those freezer bags, and had put prawns and steak in it along with a bag of ice. For some reason, he thought putting it on top of the wetties for a few days was I good idea. Of course, it all melted and blood and prawn juice soaked straight into my wetsuit, then lay marinating in the boot for a day. We rolled up to a certain slab I’d been hoping to get on that afternoon and it was good. The sky was black and it had been raining lightly all day, and it wasn't really until we got there and I went to put the suit on that I realised I was basically walking ‘Surf ‘N’ Turf’.  I sat by myself in the deep channel in the rain for an hour, with a bunch of seals swimming around me. We got good waves, but it was hands down the scariest hour of my life.

What’s your all-time dream session?

For surfing, a good and completely empty day at Aussie Pipe. For shooting, a trip on the back of a ski out Cyclops on a big, empty day. Or Mullaghmore. That place on one of those massive days would be absolutely nuts.

What would you like to shoot that you haven’t?

I’d love to shoot a city from the sky