Slide Into A Group Messenger Chat With Lewy Finnegan, George Humphreys and Davis Blackwell

Photo: Miller Best

Photo: Miller Best

These days, everything goes down in the DMs. It’s a place where thoughts and feelings can free-flow, jokes are abound and potential interview jitters are all but dashed. And, seeing as the stars of 3 AMIGOS, Lewy Finnegan, Davis Blackwell and George Humphreys, are currently galavanting through Europe in search of waves, it’s really the only way we could get a hold of them to talk about their new movie, bromances, bodyboarding and a fair dose of trash. (It’s also phenomenally easier for an editor to piece together and present in a readable fashion than, say, a recorded chat with 3 interviewees. So, win-win). And in true West Oz fashion, boy did they let loose.

In case you haven’t yet watched 3 AMIGOS (shame on you), go watch it now for some context; then, slide on into the group chat to better understand the minds of three of the most explosive riders in the world right now.

“You created the group ‘3 AMIGOS’ (4 people)”

MM 19:39
Hey blokes, are you cruising today? Or going surfing? We need to get this group chat thing done so let us know the plan for the next coupla

Davis Blackwell 19:40
Gringo and I are moving houses today. Lewy just sent me a msg about waves. I’d say we will all link up today.

MM 19:42
Do you think we can make it happen?

George Humphreys 19:42
Yeah I’m sure we can pull it off.

Davis Blackwell 20:12
A full live chat keyboard live chat skitzy.

MM 20:12
so skitz boyz

Davis Blackwell 20:23

Fin Diesel 21:00
I'm good to go for the next 2 hours bro

George Humphreys 21:38
Yeah let’s do it.

MM 21:38
Where’s Davo?

George Humphreys 21:39
In the shower.

Fin Diesel 21:59
Well I'm good to go, everyone here?

George Humphreys 22:03
Let’s go.

Fin Diesel 22:03
fuggin oath

George Humphreys 22:03
Yeah sweet

Davis Blackwell 22:04
Yea boi

MM 22:06
We’re basically going to copy and paste the whole thing haha

Fin Diesel 22:07
ohh shiiiiittt

Davis Blackwell 22:09
Might have to edit if something skitz slips out. Hehe.

Fin Diesel 22:09
let it out winga

George Humphreys 22:10

MM 22:11
Here we go boyz

George Humphreys 22:13

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 18.03.41.png

Davis Blackwell 22:14

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 18.03.53.png

Fin Diesel 22:16

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 18.04.03.png

MM 22:17
Haha yes! First up, who the hell are you?

Fin Diesel 22:18
The fucken 3 amigos mate, haven't you heard?

George Humphreys 22:18
3A baby.

Davis Blackwell 22:19
Findizzles, Gringoss and Wingass.

MM 22:21
How did you first meet?

Davis Blackwell 22:23
Perth pro am comp.

George Humphreys 22:24
We all pretty much met doing our first comp like the pro am. I was around 11 or 12

Davis Blackwell 22:24
So I was 9 or 10.

Fin Diesel 22:25
I met Wingas first, at a state round in Mandurah when I was 13. Little blonde fucker with big ears beat me in the final and the friendship/rivalry began. I became good friends with Gringoss the year after from competing with him in states and nationals. We didn't really talk at the pro am did we?

Davis Blackwell 22:27
Nah we didn’t really. I remember you had a faded pink board, we were all in the same final, me you George and Crutchoss, Mandurah vs Joondalup.

Fin Diesel 22:28
Haha the Hot Butterred Sean Virtue with a bat tail! Came out on top baby.

George Humphreys 22:29
Nah Findog was ripping me and Wingas were like who’s this little fucker?

Davis Blackwell 22:30

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 14.52.46.png

Davis Blackwell 22:30
This when I beat the boiz at a Mandurah state round.

Fin Diesel 22:31
hahaha! I'm surprised we didn't scrap.

Davis Blackwell 22:31
Look at ur beanie.

Fin Diesel 22:32
Present from Kev Dougherty, haha! I look like I’m close to tears.

George Humphreys 22:33
Spin to win.

MM 22:35
George used to be taller than you Wingas?

Davis Blackwell 22:36
Man they both used to be. Then I just ate heaps of fucking chicken.

Fin Diesel 22:37
And now I need a step ladder just to shake your hand.

George Humphreys 22:38
Hahah Wingas used to be the smallest little kid alive.

MM 22:39
Classic. So what made you want to start a film project together?

Davis Blackwell 22:41
We had a really good run of waves for a week or two all together. So I think we all just said let’s get a film happening.

Fin Diesel 22:42
We wanted to do it ever since we became best friends and were making heaps of clips together like 'Wingnut’s Adventures' and all the other clips that we posted on Vimeo back in the day. Then i guess we got better and met the right people (Stricko and Jenno) to actually get it done.

George Humphreys 22:43
Just 3 good mates wanting to start something now and push our limits I guess.

Photo:  Kim Feast

Photo: Kim Feast

MM 22:45
What’s been the best thing about making the movie together?

Fin Diesel 22:47
For me, I think working together with good friends for the same goal was really sick! It felt more like teamwork than a personal project like every other clip I've made in the last few years.

Davis Blackwell 22:47
Chasing waves together and having heaps of fun. If any of us gets a good one I think it amps the other two up to go bigger as well.

George Humphreys 22:48
Getting to surf together and push each other out waves like the right and Mandurah wedge, plus all the good times that go with it.

Fin Diesel 22:48
Yeh, a lot of good times

MM 22:49
On the other end, what’s been the worst time?

Davis Blackwell 22:50
Fracturing my L1, L2, iliac wing (pelvis) & 11th rib at Box.

George Humphreys 22:51
Probably at times not all being together when the waves were good, like Lewy would be away doing the world tour, I’d be caught up in Mandurah working and Wingas breaking his back.

Fin Diesel 22:53
Farrrrk, we've all had dramas along the way. It semi feels like the project was cursed. George being stuck in Mandurah with work and his chick at the start of the project, Jenno and Stricko being busy with other commitments on some swells, Davis broke his back, I stopped eating and got super ill and missed a lot of waves from being on tour as well. And yeah, so many times it was only 2 of us on a trip instead of all 3 being together.

George Humphreys 22:54
I guess the worst this was Wingas braking his back and missing out on the last few trips we did for the movie.

Fin Diesel 22:54
Wing got curb stomped by Box.

Davis Blackwell 22:55
Yeah the WA north section is missing something hehe.

Davis Blackwell 22:56
M8, Box’s bites got teeth, it draws blood.

Photo:  Kim Feast

Photo: Kim Feast

MM 22:57
You’ve been mates for well over 10 years now. What are the keys to maintaining a long-lasting friendship?

Fin Diesel 22:58
I'm stumped for words haha, I'm not a friggen friendship counsellor!

George Humphreys 22:58
Hahah fuck knows, I guess sharing the same interests and having some of the best times of our lives together.

Fin Diesel 23:00
Just have friends that you enjoy spending time with and can be yourself around.

Davis Blackwell 23:01
I think all of us just have the same passion and sense of humour. I wish there could be a short 3 minute highlight compilation of all the funniest moments.

Fin Diesel 23:01
We'd be arrested and put in jail.

Davis Blackwell 23:01
I wouldn’t be showing mum.

Fin Diesel 23:02
Haha Leigh would NOT be happy.

Davis Blackwell 23:02
I don’t think any of our mums would be.

Fin Diesel 23:03
They think we're such angels

Davis Blackwell 23:03
We are.

George Humphreys 23:04
Hahah don’t we have a 10 minute video of our best moment?

Davis Blackwell 23:04
Nah nah nah.

George Humphreys 23:04

Fin Diesel 23:05
Yeh I still have my phone edits on my hard drive, I'll post them on here.

Davis Blackwell 23:05

Fin Diesel 23:05

George Humphreys 23:06

Davis Blackwell 23:06
3 Amigos uncut.

Fin Diesel 23:07
3 Amigos go to jail for life.

Fin Diesel 23:07
Nah, we're not that bad.

Fin Diesel 23:07
Wing you’re pretty skitz but.

Davis Blackwell 23:08
Wouldn’t lie to ya, couldn’t tell ya.

Fin Diesel 23:08
Path of destruction.

George Humphreys 23:08
Hahah wouldn’t tell ya.

Davis Blackwell 23:08


Fin Diesel 23:09
Follow it and you'll find Wingas.

Davis Blackwell 23:09
Was like that when I got there.

George Humphreys 23:09
I promise.

Davis Blackwell 23:10

MM 23:11
Do you guys ever fight? Who’s got the hottest head?

George Humphreys 23:11

Davis Blackwell 23:12
George and I had a few moments.

Fin Diesel 23:12
haha we used to fight more than bodyboard! I'd say I used to always take things too far but wing used to be a little skitz.

George Humphreys 23:13
Me and Wingas have had some real solid fights in our time.

Davis Blackwell 23:13
Yeah imagine being the youngest copping it all the time. Of course I’m gonna skitz it.

Fin Diesel 23:14
I've seen some serious shit between Wing and Gring, not knowing whether to sit back and laugh or try and break them up before someone got knocked out.

George Humphreys 23:14
Yeah Wingas has got the hottest head for sure.

Davis Blackwell 23:15
Last one in Bali was solid.

George Humphreys 23:15
Hahah yep.

Fin Diesel 23:16
The Hawaii brawl was crazy!

Davis Blackwell 23:17
I shot him in the head point blank with a B.B. gun in the temple. I’d never ran home so fast in my life.

George Humphreys 23:18
I think we all had a lot of fights when we were younger but nowadays not so much.

Davis Blackwell 23:18
Yeah are they even ya best mates if ya don’t fight?

Fin Diesel 23:19
Yeh for sure.

George Humphreys 23:19
We all know who comes out on top tho let’s be honest.

Fin Diesel 23:20
I'd love to see a rematch now that Wing is 8 foot.

George Humphreys 23:20

Davis Blackwell 23:21
I made George cry once but he’s never admitted it.

George Humphreys 23:21
Nah nah didn’t happen.

Fin Diesel 23:22
Ooohhh, low blow.

Davis Blackwell 23:22
What ever makes ya sleep at night.

Fin Diesel 23:22
Start a video chat and settle it now?

Davis Blackwell 23:23

Fin Diesel 23:23

Photo:  Josh Tabone

MM 23:24
Davis, how would you describe Lewy?
George, how would you describe Davis?
Lewy, how would you describe George?

Fin Diesel 23:24

Davis Blackwell 23:27
He’s a nugget, always been so much stronger than me, could never ever beat him in grom play fights. He’s a bit more bendy now with his yoga. He’s the first one out into the surf and the last one to come in. Always pushing me to go bigger and harder. And he’s good at making me laugh so hard till I can’t breathe & water comes out of my eye ballz.

George Humphreys 23:29
Where to start… biggest legend ever, real tall, big ears, always got something cheeky to say but lights up the room every time he walks into one, got a temper but overall nicest c**t you’d meet. Plus knows how to get on my nerves way too easy but I’d definitely say life wouldn’t be the same with out him around.

Fin Diesel 23:30
George is a super genuine, honest bloke... works hard, never complains and is on this planet to enjoy himself. Definitely my closest rival in bodyboarding but also one of my closest friends. Epic guy to be around and one of the funniest people on Earth when he's 15 beers deep. He's terrible at picking a girlfriend though.

Davis Blackwell 23:30
Should we all get married ?

Davis Blackwell 23:30

George Humphreys 23:31
Hahah love you guys hey.

Davis Blackwell 23:31

Fin Diesel 23:32


MM 23:34
Enough with the bromance. What’s the current state of Bodyboarding in West oz?

Fin Diesel 23:34
Non-existent haha.

George Humphreys 23:34
Ya talking to them.

Fin Diesel 23:35
Nah, there's still a little crew but it's nothing compared to when we were teenagers.

George Humphreys 23:35
Nah pretty shit everyone’s too cool theses days.

Davis Blackwell 23:36
Yeah there are a few groms riding their push bikes to wedge at 5am before school which is epic to see.

Fin Diesel 23:37
Yeah a bunch of groms at Claytons too, they're already getting sucked into the party scene though.

MM 23:38
Do you think WA has the potential to produce another Hardy, or George/Lewy/Davis?

Fin Diesel 23:40
Does a bear shit in the woods? Waves haven't changed so the potential is always there. WA has everything to create the best bodyboarder ever... kids just need a bit of inspiration again, like what we had with Tension.

George Humphreys 23:40
Yeah 100% just need the right people to push the right people.

Davis Blackwell 23:41
WA has some crazy waves, anything is possible.

Photo:  Kim Feast

Photo: Kim Feast

MM 23:42
Who’s coming through the ranks?

Davis Blackwell 23:43
Patrick Franklyn surfs well and he’s got a few mates too. I bet they’re loving surfing wedge with us not home.

Fin Diesel 23:43
Haha yeh they all must have the best time when we're all gone.

Davis Blackwell 23:44
Like there are a few, but it seems like they hit 17-18 and stop going as much. Then there is a new wave of 13 year olds. There’s like 10 of em. Billy Carlton and co.

Fin Diesel 23:45
Sorry groms. Yeh it's so hard to pick which, if any, are gonna commit to booging and get really good. They all have the potential though.

Davis Blackwell 23:45
I think after this summer that question could be an easier one to answer.

Fin Diesel 23:46
All the groms will read this and be hungry to prove themselves now!

MM 23:48
You’ve premiered the movie in Australia and now through Europe... what’s the craziest thing that’s happened at one of the premieres?

Davis Blackwell 23:49
Mandurah one was skitz. Had max capacity in the joint. People where sitting on the bar and everywhere.

Fin Diesel 23:50
So many loose times, for me I think the Mandurah prem was just wild. Hundreds of people, all of our friends and family all super pissed and having such a good time. Felt more like a celebration than a premiere and coz it was the first premiere it came as a huge relief, like we'd finally done it.

George Humphreys 23:50
The Kiama one was pretty crazy. Our hotel room got so trashed we pretty much slept on the floor.

Davis Blackwell 23:51
There might have also been a hole in the wall. Cheers to the moose.

Davis Blackwell 23:51

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 13.51.32.png

Fin Diesel 23:52
Path of destruction.

Davis Blackwell 23:52
Like that when I got there.

Fin Diesel 23:53
Leading all the way from Wollongong to that hotel room.

Fin Diesel 23:53
Seems a lot less practical than to leave the mattresses on the beds. But hey, whatever helps ya sleep.

George Humphreys 23:54
Nah nah too fucken tired.

Davis Blackwell 23:54
Yeah look how comfy Viesis looks.

George Humphreys 23:54

Fin Diesel 23:55

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 13.51.49.png

Davis Blackwell 23:55
Rat dawwwg.

Fin Diesel 23:56
Spain premiere, Rat gets home at 8am and goes to bed with a baguette.

Davis Blackwell 23:56
Hasn’t been the same since.

George Humphreys 23:57
Hahaha still recovering.

Fin Diesel 23:57
Something changed inside of him.

Photo:  Kim Feast

Photo: Kim Feast

MM 23:59
What’s one place or wave you wanted to travel to for the movie, but you didn’t get a chance to?

Fin Diesel 00:01
South Oz. We spoke about it for years and never did it.

George Humphreys 00:01
Yeah definitely South Oz.

Fin Diesel 00:01
Blew it.

George Humphreys 00:01

Davis Blackwell 00:02
Yeah one day we gonna get it done.

MM 00:03
3A Sequel?

Fin Diesel 00:03
I think Jenno will have a heart attack if we try to do a sequel.

George Humphreys 00:04
3A 2: Coming out 2030.

Davis Blackwell 00:04

MM 00:05
Was there ever a point where you thought the movie might not happen?

Davis Blackwell 00:05

Fin Diesel 00:05

George Humphreys 00:05
Hahah yep.

MM 00:06
Go on...

George Humphreys 00:06
At the end of the project shit was just dragging on too long.

Fin Diesel 00:07
Yeh it became such a drag. We were all so over it in the last year, none of us doing much to try and get the movie completed.

Davis Blackwell 00:08
We had all of this footage for sooooo long. It took months and months for it to get put together. Obviously these things don’t happen overnight. But like all good things, it took time and Jenno did such a fucken epic job. In the end he nailed it!!!!

Photo:  Kim Feast

Photo: Kim Feast

Fin Diesel 00:09
Except Jenno going crazy in his editing dungeon.

Davis Blackwell 00:09
I heard he was in there for 2 full weeks, didn’t leave, getting KFC home delivery.

Fin Diesel 00:10
Yeh, he really pulled it together for the boys in the final stage of the project. Strict KFC diet.

Davis Blackwell 00:10
He’s on that servo diet.

George Humphreys 00:11
Yeah wouldn’t have been possible with Jenno’s long hours editing the movie and Stricko’s work filming.

Fin Diesel 00:11
Or the boys pulling into bombs at The Right. Teamwork.

MM 00:12
Crazy. We’re stoked you boys pulled it together.

Davis Blackwell 00:12
Team work makes the dream work.

MM 00:13
Could each of you dish on your favourite moment or wave from the movie? How does it translate from the real life moment onto the big screen? Is it accurate? If not, what’s missing?

Davis Blackwell 00:15
For me, The Right. That wave is just such a different scale to anything else. The section does it justice too.

Fin Diesel 00:16
Favourite times for me was Hawaii, Wedge and The Right. Hawaii was a month-long holiday, so many good times with all the boys in a pimp mansion on the beach at Rockies. Wedge because we always have an epic time out there and it feels like the place where we grew up together. The Right because of how willing we were to push our limits for the sake of the 3A project, we all went pretty hard there even though we were shitting ourselves. I reckon they're all portrayed pretty accurately in the film. But fuck, too many good times to recall all of them.

George Humphreys 00:16
Yeah Wedge for me, it just feels so good to be at home with your good mates and getting crazy good waves for bodyboarding.

Photo:  Kim Feast

Photo: Kim Feast

MM 00:17
What do you say to those who call Wedge a “cheat” wave?

Davis Blackwell 00:17
Cade Sharp, slap another bet on the pokies.

George Humphreys 00:18
Haha, come surf it and then make the call.

Fin Diesel 00:18
Hahaha, yeh tell 'em to get farked. It's the best boog wave ever.

Davis Blackwell 00:19
Best wave in the world.

MM 00:20
Righto, heard it here first. Big question this one... who’s the best surfer of the 3 of you?

Davis Blackwell 00:20
Tom Jennings.

Fin Diesel 00:21
Haha are u trying to tear us apart?

Davis Blackwell 00:21
Yeah, trying to break the band up?

George Humphreys 00:22
I’d say where all better in different areas.

Fin Diesel 00:22
Jenno does have a pretty mean el rollo on him.

George Humphreys 00:23
But I’d say Lewy.

Davis Blackwell 00:23
For me George.

George Humphreys 00:23
And Davis.

Davis Blackwell 00:23
And Lewy.

George Humphreys 00:24
Fuck it, me too.

Davis Blackwell 00:24
Yeah Wingass too.

Fin Diesel 00:25
I agree with George, we all have strong points.

Photo:  Josh Tabone

MM 00:26
Last question: if anything, what do you want to get or see happen from the movie being released?

Davis Blackwell 00:28
If it gets people amped to go bodyboarding I’d be happy with that.

George Humphreys 00:28
The froth back for bodyboarding I guess. It’s such a sick sport and needs to be credited.

Fin Diesel 00:29
Yeh, I’d be stoked if it gets some groms frothing on bodyboarding again.

MM 00:30
Yeah boys. Thanks for your time.

Fin Diesel 00:30
All good bro, where should we send the invoice?

Davis Blackwell 00:31

George Humphreys 00:32
Welcome brother.

MM 00:32
We’ll take it off the beer tab.

George Humphreys 00:33

Davis Blackwell 00:33
Hahahahha. Cya.

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