When is your next issue out?

We publish 1 issue a year, and we aim to release it in November each year. The issues are available world wide. You can either purchase through this website in our Shop page, or visit one of our stockists in your closest city. 

How Can i submit my photos?

If you have some cracking images that you're keen to get published on either the website, social media or magazine, then please contact Photos@movementmag.com with some small sample JPEG's.

I've got a good idea for content?

At movement, we know that the best stories and most interesting topics are from you, the people out there on the other side of this screen. If you have some ideas for content, or you're keen to tap the keys for us, then we'd be keen to hear from you. Please email us at Photos@movementmag.com (yes, we know it says photos, but we'll be checking that account daily).  

I DON't agree with something that movement has posted, can you please review my complaint?

We take complaints very seriously. If you have a complaint, or don't agree with something that we have posted, then please contact the team at Photos@movementmag.com with a link to the content, and why you're not happy with the content. 


To view our movie, please follow the prompts to purchase and save your password and email address. Once purchased, the player will automatically start playing your movie. If you would like to watch


again, the page should automatically reload your movie and you can watch as many times as you like. If you are logged out, or would like to watch on another device, please log in using your password and email address that you set up your account with.

I purchased the movie, How can i watch it again?

Our Player Software gives you the opportunity to watch a movie that you purchased as many times as you'd like. The Movie that you have purchased should automatically store your IP information and the movie should be available for you to watch at anytime. If for some reason it doesn't open, then please enter your email address that you used when purchasing the movie. 

My movie isn't as good quality as I hoped, how can I get better quality? 

Our Player Software automatically serves the best possible quality file that is possible, based on your the download speeds of your internet connection. If the file your watching isn't as great as you hoped, try switching off all other devices sharing that internet connection and try reloading the movie again. If that fails, please contact your internet service provider about increasing your download speeds. 

I am making a movie, how can i submit it? 

We're keen on getting as much good content on Movementmag.com as we can get, and we're offering a very generous split of the profits for your gold. If you have a movie that you're interested in distributing on Movementmag.com, please contact ben@movementmag.com for more information.